Endeavor Medical Systems uses an efficient and practical approach that allows us to act as an extension of the physicians and their facility staff.  We are acutely aware of the delicate balance and importance of the relationship between the patients, doctors and hospital.  Here are a few examples of how EMS is able to obtain optimal results for our clients:

Generating and accelerating individual claims, billing

Accurately coded, professionally prepared for billing
Each patient record is reviewed and code (if coding option selected) for accuracy and appropriate coding.
Charges submitted daily to help ensure steady cash flow.
Experienced medical billers/coders on staff.

Electronic Insurance Verification
EMS can provide our clients the tools to perform real time insurance verification at patient registration. Insurance is verified online in most cases and checked again to ensure accuracy.

Claims electronically submitted
After your patient claim data is received, your account representative checks for errors, makes corrections if necessary, and submits the claims electronically.

Most commercial carrier and government payer claims are submitted electronically. Upon receiving your patient claim data, your EMS account representative will check for errors, make any necessary corrections, and submit the claim(s) electronically.

Patient statements generated and mailed
Your patient initial billing statements are generated monthly. Accounts with a balance receive a monthly statement until paid. Statements are mailed via US Postal Service to the patient address provided. Forward Address is a value added service for our clients, allowing Return Mail statements to be researched and addresses to be corrected.

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Third Party Collections
We have found that many providers are unaware of third party collection opportunities. At EMS we have experienced and trained collectors that can identify when a third party payer is involved with the patient's account. With upcoming regulatory changes (2012), we believe it is imperative that we work with our clients doing third party collections as another means to protect cash flow.

Prompt posting of payments / Electronic funds transfers
Funds are deposited directly into your company account, Electronic fund transfers allow for prompt and efficient posting to your account.

Persistent follow-up on all claims
Endeavor Medical Systems aggressively follows-up on all claims. In addition to an individual account executive that deals with carriers and patients, EMS has follow-up specialists that assist in calling patients and insurance companies to deal with outstanding balances. We perform all of these services with the understanding that our patients are our customers and that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

EMS has frequent interaction with physician’s staff to ensure premier service to their patients. EMS can have complete connectivity with their physicians offices including daily automatic transfer daily of patient demographics, diagnosis and charges, CPT and ICD-9, (we are ready for the coming ICD-10).

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Patient calls answered by an EMS representative, not a machine
All calls are answered personally. Nobody wants to go through the labyrinth of touchtone choices only to be left on hold, disconnected, or worse, left with an unresolved billing inquiry. We never use electronic voice prompts during regular business hours. When a patient calls, they speak directly with an EMS account representative on his/her behalf. Questions are answered courteously, and all efforts are made to expedite a settlement. Patient privacy and support are never compromised.

Each EMS employee's professional person-to-person approach allows us to act as an extension of you and/or your business office staff.

Online patient account services, including payment posting
Patients can easily and securely access their accounts and pay their bills at their own convenience at www.endeavormedical.com.

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Patient billing questions answered professionally
Patients often call about their billing statement or for information regarding their insurance benefits, co-pay and co-insurance amounts. Our experienced staff politely answers questions and explains medical billing.

Patients can log in to create a new EMS online account or to update an existing one. Online services are offered by our practice with the assurance that all information is encrypted and stored securely.

In the EMS Patient Portal the patient can:

  • Make an online payment
  • Add and update credit card information.
  • Update address, phone, e-mail address, including insurance information.
  • Change account password.
  • Add and update credit card information.
  • View a history of previous online visits.
  • View website confidentiality information.

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Statistical reporting, monitoring business activity and productivity
Reports, monthly summaries of charges per patient, receipts per patient, average days, accounts receivable and average collection rate can be provided. We are currently in the implementation stage of a new reporting system in 2012. EMS will be offering clients an integrated business intelligence system to help us provide you with a dashboard type of reports. This advanced web-based system is an exciting new part of what EMS provides to our clients. No data point will be too small or too big with our new drilldown capabilities.

Analysis, consulting for fee structuring
Our client base as well as years of experience allow EMS to provide a review of client fees to ensure that they are in line with the community service area.

All client data is confidential.

Client references available upon request.

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