Practice Management Solutions Endeavor Medical Systems Services
Billing Support Services, Professional and Facility


  1. Prepare coding from electronic service or paper documents; reports provided by Client, as required by third party payers, inclusive of, but not limited to: CPT-4, HCPCS and ICD-9 CM coding schemes.
  2. Generate and mail billing statements to individuals for all self pay patients with a minimum two statements and one Collection Notice.
  3. Generate and mail billing statements patients and/or third parties within five business days.
  4. Claims submitted electronically to all third party payers capable of accepting claims in electronic format.
  5. Post payments and reimbursements received by the Client to appropriate claims.
  6. Reports available of the billing performance and practice statistics.
  7. Written program for quality assurance in the areas of billing regulatory compliance on request.
  8. Application and monitor progress of physician and Client applications for third Party Identification numbers.
  9. Reporting of monthly credit balance reports to advise Client of refunds due to both patients and third parties.
  10. EMS will provide designated account representative (phone line) for patient inquiries.
  11. EMS will advise our Clients with respect to any material change in third party rules and regulations which are made known to providers and third party billing.
  12. Dashboard style online reporting, client specific widgets designed to meet the client preferences.


Professional Services Description

  • Coding
  • Credentialing
  • Contract management and negotiation
  • Professional Rate evaluation
  • Business administrative services
  • Information Technology support
  • Medical operation consulting

Facility Services Description

  • Contract management and negotiation
  • Facility Rate evaluation
  • Business administrative services
  • Front office, Registration training
  • Information Technology support
  • Facility operation consulting

Information Technology (Systems)

  • System and database installation (one-time)
  • Monthly (server) hosting fee
  • Hardware, software, training and other supplies

Physician Credentialing

  • At EMS we provide full-service physician credentialing by an experienced staff. Online physician credentialing is an option for some clients as requested.
  • Always available to our clients to offer support as needed for physician credentialing